Nations with Rights Broader than the Employment Context (13)


Australia PIDA, Provision (Prov.) sec. 10, 15. (all civil and criminal liability)

Bosnia WPA, Art. 6. (criminal liability)

Ghana WPA, Art. 18 (any civil and criminal liability)

Hungary PIDA, Art. 11 (all civil and criminal liability — “any action … which may cause disadvantage”)

India WPA, Ch. IV.11 (1) (protection extends to all persons or public servants, although only for protection against government retaliation)

Irish PDA Part III.14 and 15 (civil and criminal liability)

Jamaica PDA, Sec. 15(2) (civil and criminal)

Liberia EO (civil and criminal liability, including an affirmative defense against defamation actions)

Malaysia WPA, Sec. 7(b), 9 (civil and criminal liability)

New Zealand PDA, Sec. 18(1) (immunity from civil and criminal proceedings)

Serbia WPA, Art. 2(2) (“any natural person,” including owners of corporations; Art. 2(7) — all civil and criminal liability (“any action …. which puts [whistleblowers] at a disadvantage”)

Uganda WPA, secs. 2-3, covers “a person”); sec. 10 (immunity from civil and criminal liability, including override of secrecy laws)

Zambia PIDA, sec. 56 (absolute immunity through public interest defense for any liability)

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